The world is an event composed of events, where the environment, materials, objects and bodies are in a dance, making forms, making space, making time: rhythmic, fast, and slow, in a flight, to what is not-yet and is about to happen. Being is relational    my work is situated in this ongoing improvised transformation.


There are no bottom layers, no bottom particles, no fixed beginning or end, everything is a process.

I make marks through movement    materials as sound, water, topology and moving bodies are my trigger    what is continuous and active, becomes part of my piece. The physical properties: weight, size, surfaces and temperature, and the abstract: duration and perception, intrigue me. I use them as a source for play to have one body activate another: water pushes sand, sand holds pigment, water dissolves, mylar marks. Wood is warm and cracks, metal echoes. By assembling these events, visual and physical triggers activate multiple senses: spatiality, balance, texture, color, scale, mobility and immobility.


We are all emergent bodies in an active space that is fluid and temporal. The present is both a reaction to the past and a potential for the future. We are in a dance, rhythmic, in a flight, to the moment that is about to happen.