An ongoing investigation of the architecting within the environments of moving.

It has no fixed meaning and no fixed form.

It’s a haptic space, a smooth space where wind whistles, wood cracks.

It requires all to participate in its becoming.  

It requires an open process of making, to allow for a work that is live, a form that is in forming.

A multi-sensorial event that choreographs movements in a world-in-becoming combining wearables, modular forms and events; propositions as: the photographic object and sound as place, language as action; nature ordering techniques and what is occurring. Using multiple agencies in the making will give a sense of loss of centric feel. The following of the events of form-ing (repetition) will lead to multiplicity. The event will change throughout the artists’ and participant’s intervention.  

‘You Are A Mobile Architecture’ started on Milos Island in Greece in 2015, with the thought on choreography in nature, [specifically islands: water moves – rocks partition], the role of weather phenomena and nature’s ordering as a way of architecting. Photographs, video documentation, sound recordings, moving-sensing events, and a moving-making event of agencies: body, wind and fabric – architecting within the environments of moving, took part in this early research.

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Humans = Earth Comb.

We are Earth Comb. Durational event. The project proposes humans combing earth for two weeks or longer. Earth can take place in an outdoor setting (urban or nature), or an improvised earth in an interior space.

Comb earth for 15 days straight. Individual or Group.

Document every day, 10 photos, 1 for each hour of work. Aereal video documentation. 


Moving earth

mark making

grid making



muscle using/power/machine


Various earth combs: hands, feet, raking tools, other ground tools.


Open Fields, Beach


IMG_9973I have thought of tree skirt-ing, something that usually happens as an aesthetic element in urban environments around trees planted on sidewalks. In urban environments tree skirt-ing is static, made to force the roots of the trees to stay or hide under the pavement. In this project, tree-skirtings are mobile and moving with the environment of moving, the tree, the wind, acknowledging what is already active and occurring. Tree Skirt-ing is activating rather than de-activating the bodies in nature. What else can count as a body? An abandoned shed, a broken fence, a car? How do trees-bodies behave as human-bodies, how can they instigate movement? How do these set relationships and activated relationships become a relational movement, a dance, a rhythmic viewing and walking?


is a site-specific sound capturing event that will generate topologies through listening, looking, moving and marking. Drawings will be made by moving-with the sounds of the city and will become maps that will introduce possibilities for new urban movement. Using The Acoustics of Objects, materials as sound will be activated to become an agency in the making of the city. Temporarily, a new perception of the city will be created.

See full proposal here.  


Ground is not necessary


Ground is not necessary
Plant but don’t plant

Making a non-ground event as a form of gardening.